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Angel Numbers Necklace

$60.00 USD
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  • Choose from 9 different angel numbers
  • Necklace is 18”
  • 18k Gold Filled
  • Made in Los Angeles, California
  • More of Divine Energy

Not sure which angel number is right for you? No worries, we have a brief overview of each number below to help you choose!

111: Symbolic of a fresh start; new opportunities are waiting for you. Your new journey starts now!

222: Represents balance as well as duality. There are always going to be good times and bad, focus on the good times and show yourself and your loved ones the care and time you all deserve. 

333: Both religiously and spiritually, this angelic number indicates a need for an alliance between mind, body, and spirit. Some might say their prayers have been answered, others might say they worked had to manifest an outcome. Be your best self and have faith in how you are leading your life.

444: This number is typically for tough times. We all need support when major life events do not go our way (break-ups, loss, dead ends in life, etc.). Whether it’s someone from above watching and supporting you or someone in your living room, this number embodies that nurturing support. 

555: This number unapologetically pushes you towards big changes. Life takes sharp turns, and this number is symbolic of the strength and resolve it requires do move forward in a completely new direction.

666: I know what you are thinking, but no. In terms of angel numbers, 666 is urging you to highlight aspects of your life that need much more focus and attention. Find power in addressing what you can do better in your everyday life.

777: Jackpot! Well, not exactly. This number indicates that you are truly synchronous with the world around you and good fortune is bound to happen. While it can indicate financial prosperity, this good fortune can take many different forms!

888: This angel number is seen as one of the most positive ones you can receive. While it is indicative of good things coming your way, this number is also the universe’s way of saying YOU are great. Continue to embody the positive spiritual prowess that you carry through every aspect of your life.

999: As befitting of the last number, this one indicates the end of a cycle, highlighting your maturity and growth acquired along the way. Some even say this number shows you are ready to give back to the world in some form as you await your new cycle. Whether it be money, wisdom, and/or knowledge, this may be something for you to consider as you embrace this angel number.  

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Angel Numbers Necklace

$60.00 USD

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About Us

Amare is Latin for love, which is the perfect word to describe what our brand is about. And as a couple owned brand we want you to feel empowered every time you wear your jewelry. Whether you are practicing self love by treating yourself or sharing that love with someone else, we invite you to embrace your expression.

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