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Your new favorite gold filled jewelry brand committed to inclusivity, sustainability, quality and of course, self-expression. We believe jewelry is the final touch to any outfit since the history of jewelry is so deeply rooted in culture; whether that is ethnic culture, pop culture or however else you would like to define culture. We hope you find a piece that resonates with you and makes you express yourself how you want!


Our Mission

Amare is Latin for love, which is the perfect word to describe what our brand is about. We want you to feel love every time you put on your jewelry. Whether you are practicing self-love, or showing your love for another, we want each piece to have power and meaning for you.


Our goal is to empower your expression. Jewelry made for everyone and anyone.

Why Gold Filled?

We chose gold filled because it is one of the best options for everyday wear. Gold filled is water safe, sweat proof, high quality and can be worn wherever and whenever. It is mechanically bonded to another base metal to ensure quality and longevity. Gold Filled is made to last.

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At ZiZi Amare, we are always looking to further progress our sustainability initiatives. Our packaging is plastic free, recyclable and reusable. By 2022 our products will be made of recycled gold and metals. Lastly, we only source and manufacture items in the US to reduce carbon footprint.

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