Why Gold Filled?

The Facts

The standards for gold filled are extremely regulated, it legally requires a minimum of 1/20th (5%) of real gold. The process of making gold filled jewelry requires an immense amount of heat and pressure to mechanically bond real gold to a base metal. This means gold filled is made to last. Due to this process, gold filled is water safe, safe to sweat in, hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types.


When comparing different types of gold jewelry, it is important to note that the process of creating each type affects its quality. The diagram to the right illustrates a visual of how much gold each type contains. With gold filled requiring a minimum of 5% of real gold in it, gold plating does not have any strict regulations on its process. This means the amount of gold in gold plating differs by brand. Gold plating often easily flakes off, and while heavy gold plating may not do the same; it cannot be worn in water, is not sweat proof and can tarnish easily and in a short period of time. With gold filled jewelry, your skin will not turn green and the jewelry will not tarnish or rust.

Gold Filled Care

Gold filled can last a lifetime when taken care of properly. If you keep your jewelry on during a shower it is perfectly fine to use mild soap; however, look out for shower soaps that contain any harsh chemicals as we do not recommend that for your jewelry. Refrain from wearing your jewelry in the pool consistently.


Other than mild soap, a dry cloth or microfiber cloth is a great way to gently clean your gold filled jewels.


When storing your gold filled jewels, it is best to store it in a room temperature area. Store it in a jewelry case/box.


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